Jeep CJ-7 Swamp Crossing

Swamp 1 - Daisy 0

March 28th, 2018

It's one thing to cross a creek in a Jeep, it's an entirely different thing to cross a creek running through a swamp. A good muddy swamp offers enough mud for anyone desiring a little bogging time. Throw in a creek running through the middle of it and now you have a true test of driver and machine.

Our first attempt at crossing it was miserable as the 35" MT's sank immediately over halfway into the soft silt and the front bumper supported by a 3" lift was now below the opposing bank. Reverse only added to the misery as the tires ate into the soft bank behind us. A creek in a swamp is only slightly better than quick sand.

After hours of cutting and stacking old fallen oak and hardwood trees, we created enough ramp to gain some traction and back out of the pit. After the first attempt, it was Swamp 1 - Daisy 0. It was only the first of many attempts to come.