Seeing What Our Daisy Could Do

February 19th, 2018

Jeep CJ-7 MuddingJeep CJ-7Maui Off Road and Hawaii 1 Inspection stickers

When we first purchased the 1985 Jeep CJ-7, still sporting a hardtop, there was no better time to put her through the paces to see what she could do. After several weeks of rain produced a nice muddy field, with large areas of standing water, it was just calling her name. In the end, the muddy field was no match for the 35" Mickey Thompson's and the Chevy 350 engine dropped in by the previous owner, Mac.

Hats off to Mac and all the custom work done while stationed in Hawaii. The "Maui Off Road", "Inspection 1" and "Hawaii" stickers will remain in memory of his days climbing lava flows in Maui. It might not be rock climbing, but lots of fun was had that day and if Daisy hadn't been so muddy you would have seen her smile!