Old Barn on Sandy Road

Old Barn and Pecan Trees

October 19th, 2018

Green Acres Barn on Delina Road Tennessee

Daisy doesn't enjoy the busy main roads, so in the attempt to find a backroad to one of the few bridges across the Tennessee River in Alabama we came through an area called Swan Creek Waterfowl Management Area. We traveled down a road called Sandy Road, one of the closest roads to the main bridge on Highway 31 going into Decatur.

There we found a large old barn a good ways off the road that caught our attention. Isn't she a beauty? It was rather overgrown and beginning to fall due to weather, neglect and age. None the less still a great barn with an impressive presence. And you know how I feel about barns.

As we continued down the road there was a driveway lined with pecan trees going to a clearing with random debris surrounded by other trees where it appeared a house use to sit. It seemed to be the owners of the barn at one time and from the size of the trees might have been built long ago, but who knows when it might have ceased to exist or what happened to it. Here again, we wonder the stories it might tell and the history of those who may have lived there. 

Green Acres Barn on Delina Road

Green Acres is the Place for Me...

September 29th, 2018

Green Acres Barn on Delina Road Tennessee

Winding West on Delina Road we came across a large red barn. The fence line was grown up, so we almost missed the "Green Acres" sign and actually had to come back and stop for the picture.

Come on, how could we pass that up? Here we are, somewhat city folk turned country. So this barn really spoke to us on many levels. Are you singing the theme song yet? You know how it goes.. Green acres is the place for me, farm livin' is the life for me. Land spreadin' out so far and wide.... I know you're singing it now! Well, that is if you're old enough to remember the show! 

Back to the barn, it was a big ol' barn just sitting almost right on the road. Most likely not in use, but the sign was in great shape and still has a ladder hanging on the side of it. I'd really love to know the story behind it. Do you think it was owned by people that moved from the city and was trying to make it as farmers? Or maybe just someone with a great sense of humor? Could have been someone that loved the beautiful lush green acres. In any case, I knew the moment I saw it, it would definitely make our blog! Another hidden treasure, just around the corner.

Barn and Cows Boonshill School Road

Nice Red Barn and Cows on the Mooove

September 1st, 2018

At the corner of Highway 64 and Boonshill School Road in Tennessee is a nice red barn. Not sure if these cows were heading our way thinking we would feed them or knew I had a camera, ha!

Barn and Cows on Boonshill School Road Tennessee


Old Barn on Delina Boonshill Road

A Beautiful Old Rustic Barn

September 1st, 2018

So if you’re trying to keep up with the Jones’ or you follow any of the HGTV home interior shows, you’re bound to have seen something, or multiple somethings, made of barn wood! Tables made of barn wood, kitchen islands, shelving, doors, headboards, floors, picture frames, walls, and any décor you can think of... all of barn wood. And it’s all gorgeous! But you know what my favorite thing made out of barn wood is? A BARN!

Old Barn on Delina Boonshill Road Tennessee

There’s something about an ol’ barn. It’s a reminder of simpler days. It makes me wonder about those days where all you knew was your family, your land and a small, sometimes very small, community.  No big cities, malls, coffee shops, internet, absolutely no social media to be found! Those days when you hooked up the old horse and buggy to go into town to the general store and stock up on whatever you need that couldn’t be grown, and I guess even seeds for the garden, cloth to make clothes, materials for fences and on and on. I can’t imagine the hard work it took just to run a farm and provide for your family. I know you’ve heard about the days the community would all gather together and construct a barn for a family. In some cases I wonder if the barn was bigger and somewhat nicer than the house, it was that important for life, it was a necessity. And when you see one still standing after so many years of use, it really says something about how things were built back in the day, built to last.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t think I would have made it! I mean, I’m a city girl turned country, but that only goes so far. Walmart is 20 minutes down the road, and I can order my groceries online to be picked up if I don’t feel like shopping, and whatever else I might need (or want) Amazon delivers in 2 days! I’m not lacking in modern conveniences, but something about seeing an old barn makes me think for a second, back to those simpler days, and wonder what life was really like.

A barn holds such beauty; simple, pure and peaceful beauty. So when I see one, red or not, I can’t help but take a hundred pictures. I’m sure we’ll be adding to this category of barns often. Hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I do. Next time you pass one, take a sec to really ‘see’ it, in all its beauty. And think back to a simpler day. Take a deep breath and enjoy the treasure it really was and still is.