Old Barn and Pecan Trees

October 19th, 2018

Green Acres Barn on Delina Road Tennessee

Daisy doesn't enjoy the busy main roads, so in the attempt to find a backroad to one of the few bridges across the Tennessee River in Alabama we came through an area called Swan Creek Waterfowl Management Area. We traveled down a road called Sandy Road, one of the closest roads to the main bridge on Highway 31 going into Decatur.

There we found a large old barn a good ways off the road that caught our attention. Isn't she a beauty? It was rather overgrown and beginning to fall due to weather, neglect and age. None the less still a great barn with an impressive presence. And you know how I feel about barns.

As we continued down the road there was a driveway lined with pecan trees going to a clearing with random debris surrounded by other trees where it appeared a house use to sit. It seemed to be the owners of the barn at one time and from the size of the trees might have been built long ago, but who knows when it might have ceased to exist or what happened to it. Here again, we wonder the stories it might tell and the history of those who may have lived there.