Around The Corner

June 30th, 2018

We have found ourselves in a new chapter of life, maybe in a bit of a midlife crisis some would say. Empty-nesters with a desire to meet new people, discover new places, eat at those gathering places off the beaten path and simply enjoy the beautiful Northern Alabama and Southern Tennessee countryside.

The Road Less Traveled

We've always had a bit of a different outlook on life than maybe most. Satisfied in the simple things, amazed at the beautiful things sometimes hidden in plain sight and hoping to find friendly people along the way with a desire to help others.

What better place to start than an old gravel road, it just spells adventure, doesn't it? Poke had run our Jeep CJ-7 "Daisy" through muddy fields, swampy creeks and woods, so what's a gravel road? We found this one on after searching for ones in Limestone County. And let's face it, if it's marked "Public" we'll explore it! This little gravel road actually had a speed limit sign! 25mph! It had all the look and feel of a road less traveled and the makings of the beginning of a wonderful adventure through the scenic countryside. Just around the corner.

Pope Road a public gravel road in Limestone County