Sway bar quick disconnect bushings

Pit Stop for Daisy - Needing A Little Additional Suspension Repair

July 30th, 2018

During the inspection where I discovered the missing or crumbling sway bar quick disconnect bushings I also noticed the steering stabilizer bushings were completely missing as well. The shock was just rattling back and forth. Here again not having done any of the custom work myself, the first task was to figure out the brand, type and size of the steering stabilizer bushings. There were no real markings on the piston itself, but with the other Superlift suspension parts, I placed my bet on them.

If I wanted to replace the stabilizer, I found a Rancho Steering Stabilizer here on 4WheelParts.com. No need in spending the $87, if I could test the shock and purchase bushings. From searching through several forums, the test was to remove the stabilizer then push and pull the piston rod to see if it had an equal amount of very firm resistance. It also should not move in or out once you let go being a hydraulic and not a gas shock. Well, even though the shock looks rather rough, it passed the test. Now just find some bushings for it.

Four Wheel Parts

Just as with the sway bar bushings, Energy Suspension Parts came through! I needed two sets of shock and steering stabilizer bushings here at EnergySuspensionParts.com part number 19902 as shown circled in orange in the photo. Perfect fit for $5.25 per set.

Energy Suspension Parts