A Beautiful Winding Road Through The Tennessee Hillside

September 29th, 2018

Gnat Grove Road in Tennessee

The first thing that caught our attention on this little road was the overgrown road sign and really the name itself, Gnat Grove. At first glance, we thought the road was gravel, but as we drove further along, it was more of a rural tar and chip road, so didn't make it in our Gravel Road section. Even so, the beautiful Tennessee hillside was lush and green this time of year. As we enjoyed the hills and valleys, we came to an opening in the trees giving us a view of a large tree in the middle of a field on a hillside.

Single Tree on a Hillside

We saw several dear, but not until we came to a complete stop did we see them all. Upon a closer look there was a small herd of deer. Can you count them all?

Six Deer Gathered Under a Tree in the Middle of the Day

There were a total of six deer taking advantage of the shade offered by this large tree. For us, it was very unusual to see that many deer around one o'clock in the middle of the afternoon! The wonderful treasures of God's creation, just around the corner…