Old Iron Horse Gate

October 19th, 2018

Rusty Abandoned Old Railroad Sign

Whenever we plan a trip, one of the things we try to avoid are highways. Our "poke and mosey" driving style does not make the average highway driver very happy and old Daisy is rough enough at slower speeds. As for interstates, they are out of the question! We don't want to have "They Died Happily of the Death Wobble" on our tombstone.
Keeping this in mind, whenever we try to cross the Tennessee River we have to figure out how close we can get before having to get on a major highway. One of our trips took us down an old back road fairly close to the Decatur city river bridge where we ran across this old rusty railroad gate sign. It appeared to go into the back of an abandoned factory or industrial plant.
If you know any history of the sign, railroad use or the industry give us a wave!