The Turtle, Turkey and Trouble

December 22nd, 2018

Most anytime we load up and journey the backroads we come across all kinds of critters. There are always the usual livestock that catches our eyes and sometimes our noses. We come across cows, goats, sheep, donkeys, chickens, guineas, peacocks and the such. Then there are the wild animals that cross our path, mainly deer, but on three separate outings we ran across a turtle, turkey and trouble.

The turtle was right in the middle of the road trying to cross as is common after a good rain on a warm summer day in the South. This little guy was on a fairly busy road and needing rescuing from certain death. We thought our grandson might want to see him, so he rode with us in the console back home and eventually came out of his shell for him to see.

Box Turtle in Jeep Console Along for the Ride

On another trip to Southern Tennessee we rounded a corner to find a group of turkey, known as a "rafter", crossing the road, six or seven altogether. Mosey whirled her camera around and manage to capture a picture of the last few as they disappeared into the woods. 

Group of Turkey Crossing Road

On our trip to Gaston Church we topped a hill and spotted a conspicuous snake in the middle of the road. As we drove by I got a glance of a distinct pattern and a shiny head. We were close to both a home and a church, so we turned around to see if our suspicion was correct. Yep, there he was not the least bit timid even as we drove right up and took this shot. Needless to say, not knowing if there were children at the house or church, I left him wearing a Mickey Thompson pattern.

Copperhead in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time